Congratulations to Huston McCullough on landing, netting and releasing a magnificent 36lb salmon in the 2010 Fish of the Season competition on the River Spey. The attached picture shows Ishbel Grant , Director, presenting commemorative bottles of Glenfarclas to Huston, and his Ghille, Grant Morrison. The salmon was caught at the Two Stones pool on the Delfur beat, on the 15th of May 2010.

恭喜哈斯登 麥庫羅夫 (Huston McCullough) 2010年的釣魚季比賽中,從斯佩河 (River Spey)中釣起、網住再放掉一條17公斤的超大鮭魚,照片中的是總監伊詩貝爾 格蘭,將兩瓶具有紀念意義的格蘭花格贈送給哈斯登和他的隨從格蘭 莫里森。這條鮭魚是在2010515Delfur獵場的雙石塘中捕到的。

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