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A deeply hued whisky, this was distilled in 1966 and matured in a single sherry butt before release as part of the Glenfarclas Family Cask Collection. This amazing whisky has a taste that is rather complicated; with a hint of the sweetness of toffee caramel, full of single malt fragrance and sherry old cask. All in all, it’s a beautiful full-bodied whisky with all the flavors which makes you want to close your eyes, relax and enjoy the momentum. Metaphorically speaking, it is like imagining yourself standing in the middle of a quiet water vapor dense forest early in the morning and having the gentle breeze touch upon your heart.

To use one simple paragraph to describe Glenfarclas 1966, the aftertaste is a reminiscent of “a group of deer sprinting across the grass field”. As the whisky enters your mouth, she rapidly rushes down from the tip of your tongue to the throat with a slight spiciness on the palate. The indescribable feeling is equivalent to a deer hoof that continuously stomps on the taste buds, extending all the way to the base of the tongue at a lightning speed. The mouthwatering whisky brings up the image of a group of deer running across the wilderness in a fast pace, this is the moment that inspires and moves me the most!

This whisky has a unique rich flavor of malt and with a hint of sweetness. She is very warm with a little tannin coming through on the aftertaste. As the wine flows down, you can feel a strong retraction in between the nasal cavity and the root of the tongue- indescribable! Certainly beyond my imagination and absolutely shocking- truly a group of wild deer dashing through the field!

A flawless piece of art- this product is incredibly unique. Following the retraction in between the nasal cavity and the tongue, the flavor slowly disperses and fades away. Just like the cloud of dust that gradually disappears after the deer bolts across the field, grand but not cluttered. The finish is long and toasty- a signature ending style of Glenfarclas whisky.





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