Earlier this year I was privileged to visit Ystad Saltsjöbad with John Grant to unveil a complete set of The Family Casks. Ystad Saltsjöbad, or more simply (and easier to say) YSB, is a relaxed beach front hotel on the southern tip of Sweden, famous for its spa, and an indulgent retreat on the Swedish Riviera. 
Looking for something different for their whisky bar, and seeing similarities with our family owned company, Anders Nilsson of YSB was inspired to make the centre piece of their new whisky bar a complete set of The Family Casks. YSB now joins a select group of bars worldwide to offer 43 years from The Family Casks by the dram.
To give guests a preview of The Family Casks, with YSB we presented a Five Decades of Glenfarclas tasting, prior to ceremoniously unveiling all 43 bottles to the sound of the pipes. This was followed by a delightful whisky makers’ dinner overlooked by the 43 bottles now proudly displayed in their new home. We were honoured to be joined by Dag Lennartsson, author of five books on whisky in Swedish, most recently 'Golf och Whiskyresor'. 
We recognise that for many the fun of The Family Casks is the opportunity to explore the subtle differences between the casks, or to celebrate an anniversary with a dram from that special year. We are delighted that YSB’s investment in The Family Casks, to offer the collection by the glass, will allow many more whisky drinkers the opportunity to sample the collection.
Back in 2007, when we launched The Family Casks, two bars were quick to offer all 43 of The Family Casks by the dram; Bar Nemo in Tokyo and The Mash Tun in Aberlour. More recently this exclusive network of bars has been joined by the Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai,Soho Whisky Club in London, and Hotel Montana in Luzern. My colleague Ian McWilliam will be visiting the latter in May to present a 1950s masterclass. Not many other distillers can offer that!

前一陣子我非常有榮幸的陪同John Grant去參觀位於瑞典于斯塔德市的Ystad Saltsjöbad高級酒店 (簡稱YSB) 並一起推出一套完整的格蘭花格家族桶. 瑞典于斯塔德的Ystad Saltsjöbad位於海濱, 提供高檔的住宿條件, 著名的spa設施包括多種美容理療, 還有其他娛樂設施, 享有獨特的海事環境.

YSBAnders Nilsson 為了擁有與眾不同的威士忌酒吧不斷尋找新的靈感, 結果他受到啟發, 決定採用格蘭花格家族桶為店家指定招牌威士忌. 如今YSB已加入了世界各地的指定威士忌酒吧並提供43瓶的家族典藏酒.

為了讓客人能一次體驗格蘭花格家族桶的與眾不同, 我們與YSB一同推出一系列共50年份的格蘭花格品酒會. 當天氣氛環境充滿優雅的豎笛背景音樂, 我們隆重的揭幕43瓶典藏酒. 當晚, 43瓶威士忌陪伴著我們度過了一場豐盛的商業晚宴, 而我們也非常有榮幸的與Dag Lennartsson共享盛宴. (Dag Lennartson是瑞典很出色的威士忌作家, 最近推出一本新書名稱為 “Golf och Whiskyresor”.

我們體會到許多人對於家族桶系列充滿好奇, 而這些人最大的樂趣就是探索木桶之間的細微差別, 或是為了慶祝某個特別日子例如週年紀念日挑選屬於那個節日的年份來享用. 我們很高興YSB做了明智的選擇, 將格蘭花格家族桶列入他們的產品系列, 這將吸引更多飲用威士忌的愛好者來品嚐我們的酒.

2007年時我們推出了典藏格蘭花格家族桶系列, 當時位於東京的Bar Nemo 以及位於亞伯樂的Mash Tun 是率先引進整套完整家族桶的威士忌酒吧. 而最近位於上海的Waldorf Astoria, 倫敦的Soho Whisky Club 以及盧賽恩的Hotel Montana也都加入了這個行列. 我的同事Ian McWilliam將在今年的五月去拜訪這些威士忌酒吧, 為他們準備一系列1950年代的酒類產品介紹/課程, 這可是一大工程啊

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