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格蘭花格105原酒20年限定款 全球發行

蘇格蘭斯佩賽家族經營的格蘭花格(Glenfarclas)蒸餾廠,於近日推出105原酒20年限定威士忌酒款,以慶祝英國8月12日Glorious Twelfth獵紅雁節的來到,格蘭花格105原酒20年限定酒款僅推出4000瓶,全球分配發行。

風味上相當多采多姿,行銷總監George Grant形容格蘭花格105原酒20年,後韻帶有聖誕節蛋糕的滋味,中味有些辛口,但依然可以品味到豐富的甜味,酒精濃度高達60%,卻意外的順口,最適合在打獵完之後與三五好友慶祝。



New Glenfarclas 105 20 Years Old Launched

Speyside, July 2012 -  J. & G. Grant are to launch a new limited edition expression of their iconic Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky. Aged for 20 Years and bottled at natural cask strength of 60% vol., only 4000 bottles of this remarkable whisky will be available worldwide.

This is the second time J. & G. Grant have released an older expression of Glenfarclas 105 – the first was in 2008 when limited edition 40 year old version was released to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the first bottling of 105.

In 1968 when George S. Grant, 4th generation of the owning family, bottled a single cask straight from the warehouse, and sent the bottles to family and friends as Christmas gifts. By chance the strength of the cask George S. Grant selected was ‘105’ British Proof, and along with the name of the distillery, this was all the information he detailed on the hand written label. By the end of January the recipients of the gifts requested further bottles, hence Glenfarclas ‘105’, the first commercially available cask strength whisky of the modern age was born. The name refers to the strength in the British Proof system, equivalent to 60% alcohol by volume.

George S Grant, Director of Sales and 6th generation of the owning family commented; ‘My family have been producing Glenfarclas 105 for 3 generations now and the 20 Year Old makes a great addition to the ‘105’ family, along with the 105 and 105 40 Years Old. This is a 105 as it should be – big and powerful with all the classic Glenfarclas flavours coming through. Definitely a dram to savour as the finish just goes on and on.’

For further information and high resolution images please contact:

Robert Ransom, Director of Sales & Marketing       
J. & G. Grant   Tel. 01807 500257  Mobile 07703 187226   

Notes to editors

*Glenfarclas 105 is a Cask Strength whisky. The vast majority of whiskies are ‘reduced’, water is added at the point of bottling to take the strength down to 40% or 43% Vol. Glenfarclas 105 is not reduced, instead casks are vatted together to obtain a constant strength of 60% Vol. Most whiskies would be deemed too over powering served at 60% Vol., however with a heavily sherried house style, Glenfarclas 105 is surprisingly smooth for its strength.

Glenfarclas 105 was originally bottled as an 8 Year Old however, since 1989, it has been bottled as a 10 Year Old. 

*Glenfarclas 105 Aged 40 Years was released in 2008 to mark the 40th Anniversary of Glenfarclas 105. Is was a vatting of two casks distilled in 1965 and filled at receiver strength of 114.6 British Proof (65.4% vol.).  Only 898 bottles were released.

*The British Proof system developed prior to the invention of the hydrometer. It is well known that most distilleries evolved from what were originally illicit stills, so the early distillers were not always completely honest in their business dealings. One  trick was to sell watered down whisky to innkeepers. To check for this potential fraud the innkeepers devised a method to check the strength. They would add gun powder to the whisky and try to light the whisky, if it did not light, water had been added. If it lit, the whisky was ‘proved’. 105 stands for 5 over proof, equivalent to 60% vol.

*Tasting Notes by George S Grant
Glenfarclas 105 Aged 20 Years Old
Strong, rich oak, a 20 year old copper still. As 105 should be!
Big Powerful aromas, of course be a little wary it is 60% alc. A very typical Glenfarclas nose, demerara sugar, figs. The end bit of a Christmas cake, a little drier than the middle but you get the extra sugar.
Remarkably smooth for a 60% whisky. More sweetness in the front of your mouth giving way to bitter sweetness. Chocolate covered coffee beans spring to mind sweet then melting into bitterness. Lots of fruit, brandy flavours are very apparent, delicate sherry tones also coming through after a while in the glass.
Lovely long finish, the age really coming through here over the strength, definitely a dram to savour as the finish will last a very long time.
Conclusion, another great addition to the ‘105’ family along with the 105 and 105 40 Years Old. 


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